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ezGUI™ is the frontend User Interface for your AI - Artificial Intelligence device.

ezGUI is designed to work with your ioRING™to provide full control of your home, office and car.

ioRING™ is a wearable tech that communicates with your vocal assistant.  The "i" stands for Input and the "o" stands for output.  Input is provided by talking and Output is provided by listening.  Ring stands for “360 Closed Loop™” which is exactly what a vocal assistant provides, as it listens to you and answers appropriately completing a 360 loop. 

ioRing™ is a wearable device which controls the I/O of the computer we use, whether that computer is a phone, tablet, Amazon Alexa, Windows Cortana, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Environmental Control Unit, Car audio system, TV, appliance, a computer vision device, IoT - Internet of Things, or whatever else ends up being controlled by a computer.

IoRing™ will come in many styles so everybody will like what they wear.  At the transistor level, all technology is created equal, but on the outside, how it looks to ourselves and others is most important. 





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